Wildlife Services

courses on request

René has a wealth of knowledge about animal track & sign and is an internationally recognized Track & Sign specialist and evaluator (CyberTracker International).

With his knowledge and passion he is happy to help out with all kinds of questions, in the field of monitoring, i.e. for ecological consultancies.

A few examples:
- a general training "recognizing animal track & sign in the field" (this could be used as an extra support when performing a quick scan)
- a specific training on track & sign of particular animal species or animal families. How to distinguish any species that resemble them and can lead to possible confusion, mistakes or uncertainties.
- a training aimed at a specific habitat (e.g riverbanks) and recognizing the track & sign of animals that occur specifically in these areas.
- advice on how to use soot- and inkplates in fauna passages. The do’s and don’ts in where and how to use them, and helping out in identifying- and name the collected tracks.
- finding evidence (track & sign) for any invasive, protected or rare species

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so by email: info@extrabushcraft.nl