- This course is taught by Werner Pfeifer -
Course language is English.


Make a useful longbow from a raw trunk in 3 days ... including a bowstring and two arrows.

After a short introduction about bows and arrows you will learn to see 'how the bow sits in the wood'. Then follows a short explanation about woodworking with a knife and axe, after which you cut the rough shape of your bow from a fresh trunk.
The next 2 days you will continue to work and 'tiller' your bow. That is a precise job and takes time!

Werner will show several ways how to make a bow string, for instance from instestines or lime bark. To make sure you will go home with a strong and durable enough bow string that lasts a long time, you will learn how to twine a string from artificial sinew.

Apart from the bow you make 2 arrows: a Stone Age arrow and a modern arrow.
We make the stone age arrow from hazel. You will learn to shave and sand this to the correct diameter and bend it straight over a fire. This includes an antler or flint arrowhead.
The modern arrow is intended for practice and therefore it has a metal tip. You put feathers on both arrows. Everything is glued with birch pitch.

At the end of the course you will learn a number of different shooting techniques. Finally, we will of course test the homemade bows and arrows and shoot

All work is done with 'simple' tools (knife, axe, string and pencil). This way you will experience what it is like to make a bow yourself, without a vise and tiller board. You can also go out after this course to make a well-usable longbow outside.

This course is given at the Klashorst Nature Camp site in Diffelen. You can book the desired accomodation with them.
Look for their accommodation offer at:
(you will receive a 15% discount on your booking after registration)

Please bring your own sharp axe and knive to work with!

EXTRA info

Duration: Friday 10:00 am - Sunday ± 16:00 pm), arrival on Thursday evening is possible.
Group size: min 6 - max 10
Prerequisites: no previous knowledge or skills needed.
Catering: this course is self catering. We will prepare one evening meal together. EXTRA provides coffee, tea and cookies.
Accommodation: either camping or cabin (please book after confirming your place with us directly through Natuurkampeerterrein de Klashorst)
Location: Natuurkampeerterrein de Klashorst bij Diffelen / Hardenberg
Included: all materials, coffee & tea
Not included: accomodation, meals and sharp tools (knife and axe)



€ 345,= (tax included)


€ 95,=


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Aanbod samenvatting

  • handboog maken van een ruwe stam van Hickory (Noord-Amerikaanse walnoot)
  • hout kiezen, waar let je op
  • hoe 'zit de boog in het hout'
  • houtbewerking met mes en bijl
  • tilleren
  • boogpees van kunstpees, bast of darm
  • pijlen maken (zowel Steentijd als modern)
  • schiettechnieken
  • advies over onderhoud en bewaren van je boog



I was born 1964 in Namibia and grew up on a bush farm.