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EXTRA is founded in 1997 and offers a wide variety on courses. By now we have a 20 year long tradition in skills and experience!
Most of our courses are based in (the NE of) Holland, but a series are held abroad in the SW of Scotland, in Poland (canoe expedition), Lapland (Arctic course), Romania (Carpathians), Belarus, Germany (Harz) as well as Namibia.

Our goal is to increase Nature Awareness. It is our firm belief that bushcraft is a very good way to do so.
As you gain more knowledge of your natural surrounding, the more you will understand 'what goes on in Nature'.
The more knowledge, the more respect and love you will develop.
Mind you: nature is not sacred to us. As you take full part of it, this also means that you have to 'take' whenever necessary.
Respect is shown by the way you do this instead of ignoring essential survival skills.

EXTRA offers several yearlong trainings. One is about fundamental skills, which will be offered year round (March-March). This first year of essential skills and experience is needed for a number of follow up courses. One is about becoming a bushcraft instructor yourself. The other is about becoming an outdoor coach. Besides that we offer a continuation course, also a full yearlong programme (March-March). Part of the two yearlong courses is a full week in the southwest of Scotland.


A 4 day course about reading animal tracks in the snow. We will stay in a nice log cabin with big woodstove.
During the days we will be out in the fields and woods, learning about the animals and the tracks they leave behind. You will learn how to recognize different tracks. Learn how to read gaits. And about behaviour of all the different animals.
All of this in a mid range mountaineous area with quite a good chance of snow.

POLAND (canoe expedition)
A 10 day expedition in the north of Poland. In cooporation with the Dutch open canoe school. So beside our lessons on bushcraft on the way, you will gain a lot of hands-on skills on canoeing.

All of this in a beautifull landscape.
We'll start on a small creek, and will travel downstream while it curls and bends, the current will increase. And so will the fallen trees, cut down by numerous beavers. The journey ends on a large lake.

BELARUS (Naliboki Forest)
This new expedition will last 10 days. We'll head out from Minsk airport straight into Naliboki Forest. A log cabin will be our basecamp.
From this location we'll head out into the wilderness that surrounds us.
Beavers changed it's looks drastically as a result of canals made by the Russians after WW second. Wolves, lynx, moose, otter, red deer, eagles, black storks, capercaillies... they all inhabit these sometimes swamp-like forests. We hope to see some of them, but for sure will find their track and sign.

The area is also rich in cultural history, so we will for sure take a look at it as well. Traces of both world wars can still be found here.
And abandonded farm houses slowly integrate in the surrounding forest...

We cooporate with Vadim Sidorovich, professor in zoology at the university in Belarus. He has written a series of books about mammals in this region.  

ROMANIA (Carpathians)
The Carpathians need not much explanation.
Beautifull mountains covered in old beech forests, small streams in the valleys. Deserted farm houses. Wolves and bears!

This expedition also takes 10 days. You will be in the woods the entire time as soon as we leave the car, at the end of a forest road, somewhere in the woods. You'll set up your tarp and will be self sufficient for the entire time.

It is silent! We will head out and make daytours, every day. We will put our trailcameras and hope for a nice catch. After dinner we'll head out again and hide somewhere, hoping to get a glimpse of passing animals. 

NAMIBIA (Kalahari Expedition)
A 14 day expedition with the Bushmen in Namibia. An incredible landscape, in cooporation with beautifull people.

These bushmen will be our teachers, as we spend about 5 days with them. The other part of the expedition will take place in a stunning, million years old vulcano landscape, as well as a short visit to Etosha. Famous for all it's wildlife.

Click here to download our brochure about this Bushmen expedition!

UNITED STATES (Colorado - Rockies)
This expeditions only exists on paper so far. It will be held in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Will we go fishing? Will we travel into the woods on horseback? Will we be watching black bears? All this still needs to be planned and prganised. But one thing is sure: the landscape is stunning!!


In the past some students from abroad (Germany, Scotland) joined our courses. Although language might seem a barrier, it is possible to do so. During our Kalahari Bushmen expeditiob en in Belarus English is the course language.
Please contact us if you have any questions about this!