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EXTRA has existed since (March) 1997, so we have almost 25 years of knowledge and experience!
We teach 4 important pillars:
-bushcraft yearlong courses
-track and sign
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We offer many of our courses in the Netherlands, but for all our expeditions we go abroad. We run them in Scotland, Namibia, Belarus, Poland, Rocky Mountains (USA), Carpathians (Romania).


The purpose of our lessons is to increase nature awareness among participants and we are convinced that bushcraft is perfect for this.
The more knowledge you receive about your natural environment, the more you will appreciate and respect nature. Don't get us wrong: Nature is not sacred to us. We are certainly not above it, nor vice versa. We are just a part of it. That is a very important realization.


In NL we give 2 different annual courses:
1. Bushcraft Yearlong Course. This runs from March to March. We take you with you in all seasons. You will learn the important skills required to make outside your home. Out ‘bushcraft handbook’ (published nov. 2015) is the manual throughout the year.
2. Continued Yearlong Course. This is another year and intended for those who want to continue after the Bushcraft Year training.
For both year courses, a week in Scotland is part of the program.


Track & Sign is René's passion. For him, track & sign are the direct link between the animals you often won't see, and yourself. And track and sign are everywhere, they are everywhere around you.
Apart from a T&S course in Holland and Belgium, we also offer a thorough English one, fully online.
René also conducts the CyberTracker evaluations. In NL, but also in other countries. In addition, we offer 2 day courses in ‘trailing': to search, find and follow a fresh animal trail.
T&S is a very important part of the lessons we offer with all our expeditions.
In May 2019 we published ‘Het Prentenboek', (in Dutch) a very extensive manual about tracks of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates for Western Europe.  But we also published a series of 10 fieldcards with (most) life size tracks of mammals and birds. These cards have both English and Latin captions.


As said we offer all our expeditions abroad. The aim here is to experience wilderness. To achieve this you have to go to wild places, remote, vast, and different then many Western European countries. With most expeditions, we cooperate with guest instructors, therefore these courses will be in English, which makes it very interesting for foreign participants too!


All craft courses we offer are Beke’s passion. Everything can be made by yourself, from wooden spoons, all kinds of baskets, leather, Sami pouches, hockskin bags, to shoes, klothes and packbaskets ...
Beke is an expert in all these techniques, crafts and skills.
Every now and then we work with guest instructors who are experts in their own field (for example tanning hides). The following craft courses are tought in English:

It is also possible to run a course on request about a specific subject. Just get in touch if interested.
For idea's and inspiration have a look at our (normally) Dutch craft courses: