Rocky Mountain Wilderness Expedition / Colorado

- Bushcraft & Primitive Skills -

...Blue sky. A warm breeze even while I am in the shade.The wind whispers through the spruce branches above my head. It looks as if I am here for a month, although it has only been a few days ago since we arrived with our pack horses.
I watch a kingfisher balancing on a willow branch above the small stream. After a few dives it manages to catch a small trout. With one of those wands I’ll try and catch brook trout myself later today. That’s all I need; just a willow branch, a piece of string and a hook.
What a day it has been so far! This morning we got up early and headed out from our base camp. Not soon after we found fresh tracks of elk, which we trailed for a few miles. It led us through this beautiful valley. We looked at it from the deer’s perspective. On the banks of a small creek we found huge tracks of a black bear. I placed my feet aside it, two signatures in the mud of this wild place.
The billy can is dancing above my little trail fire. Time for a coffee!

This new expedition is a collaboration with Laughing Coyote Project (LCP, owned by Neal Ritter and Gelsomina Malferrari - Colorado). We are excited to share and combine our common skills, interests and passion.

Just like the pioneers a few hundred years ago, we will head out with pack horses into the wilderness, camping in a beautiful valley, located in the Rocky Mountains. We will set up a simple base camp with chipmunks and Douglas squirrels as neighbors. From there we will take you out on day hikes into the surrounding hills. We will trail elk, and try to find tracks and sign from other animals like deer, mountain lions and black bear.
Aspen trees grow on the surrounding slopes, and they might begin to turn yellow against a blue sky while we are there. Colorado is called the colorful state for a reason!
Beans, bacon and bannocks will be on the menu as our main pioneer food. We will bake our own bread and forage Saskatoon berries, mushrooms and other edible plants. There are plenty of brook trout in the crystal clear stream, so that will be a welcome and tasty treat for our meals.
The course conclude in Steamboat Springs, a mountain town. It is famous for it’s hot springs, so prepare for a relaxing time!
The last day will be a drive back to Denver International Airport.
We look forward to heading out with you into the wilderness!

For this expedition you need to be physically fit. The terrain is rough and rocky, with a high altitude (2500+ meters). As a group we will prepare dinners and eat together, but each participant will be responsible for providing their own lunches and snacks. You will also need to be self sufficient with your own tarp/tent, fire pit, cookware, and backcountry gear.

This course will be primarliy instructed in English.

EXTRA info

Duration: 12 days (starting day late afternoon - last day lunch time, both depending on available flights)
Number of participants: min 8 - max 12
Prerequisites: You must be able to set up and care for your own camp including set up of tarp, fire and drinking water supply (this can be done either by boiling your water or bringing a water purifier). Self-reliance is a must!
We are looking for participants who are comfortable in the outdoors, and prepared for a backcountry expedition in the mountains.
Food: Breakfast and dinner provided during the expedition portion of the course, all other meals are the participants responsibility.
Location: Near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
Included: pick up from Denver Int. Airport, one overnight stay at LCP , transport to the wilderness area, all food for the whole expedition (except lunches and snacks), dinner in Steamboat Springs, visit to the hot springs, final night overnight stay at campsite, transport to Denver Int. Airport, insurance, materials.
Not included: all lunches and snacks, flight to and from Denver (CO) International Airport, your personal camping gear (sleeping bag, tarp, billy can/pots, clothing).



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Aanbod samenvatting

  • total wilderness experience
  • journey into backcountry with pack horses
  • set up a base camp
  • day hikes in the surrounding area
  • an overnight stay in the wild (fly camp)
  • simple fishing techniques
  • wildlife watching
  • track & sign
  • trailing elk
  • using trail cameras
  • safety in the mountains
  • storing food in bear country
  • making a simple bow and arrow
  • handdrill, collected from local materials
  • food preparation (bannocks and bread, jerky, pemmican)
  • foraging for edible plants, mushrooms and berries, as well as medicinal plants
  • campcraft (spoons, burn bowls, basketry and more)
  • cooking on campfires in pioneers style



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