Carpathians, the Romanian Wilderness (Romania)

- In samenwerking met Casey McFarland, Senior Tracker -
- This course is in English -

The Carpathians evoke a sense of real wilderness: rugged, empty, and vast. The ecologically diverse, richly-storied landscape is deeply wild, and home to an abundance of large animals: brown bears, wolves, lynx, and red deer, to name a few.
Since our first exploration in 2014, we at EXTRA Bushcraft (and our participants) have been awed by the country’s wild offerings and the wealth of experiences.
In an exciting collaboration with Casey McFarland and Codrin Kruijne, we’d now like to share that with you during this unique, first- of-its-kind course: Wildlife Tracking and Trailing Adventure: Romania

The trip
After landing at Cluj Napoca airport we are shuttled to Tasu, located between two  large National Parks: Calimani and Muntii Rodna. Tasu—a beautiful nature center, with a rich history on its own—is where we’ll call home for the duration of our fully catered stay.
Each day we’ll wander through rugged valleys, along wild streams, and through seas of beech forest. Interspersed throughout are old abandoned farmhouses and orchards, the aging plumb and apple trees scarred by the claws of massive bears; it is a truly fascinating landscape. We might pause for lunch and light a small trailfire to grill local sausages and brew fresh coffee.
We’ve chosen end September for the chance of perfect weather, beautiful fall colors and active wildlife— the animals, particularly bears, are especially busy in preparation for winter.

This will be an unforgettable, intensive week of tracking and trailing, with each day spent searching out and discussing an endless variety of sign on the landscape, and piecing together wildlife whereabouts  and behavior on the larger landscape.
We’ll also spend long hours of following fresh trails, learning effective trailing methodology, sign interpretation, and how to approach bedded or feeding animals undetected.
Evenings will be spent recounting stories, wildlife viewing, or attending mini lectures on a variety of topics. We’ll also bring trailcams (remote cameras) and will cover technique for strategic placement and set up. We encourage others to bring their own as well!

In full, this week will dramatically develop one’s understanding of wildlife and the ability to more fluently read the wild world. We hope you can join us!

Check out our blog to read a few stories from our Carpathian adventures with Codrin!

Course content:

  • Daily wilderness excursions
  • Total wilderness experience
  • Wildlife watching in hides and in the field
  • Stealth and concealment techniques for watching wildlife
  • How to use trailcamera’s
  • Intensive, in-field study of Track and Sign
  • Trailing technique and Methodology Instruction and Application
  • Actually trailing big game (deer, bear, wild boar, etc)
  • Evening lectures about various subjects


Carpathians, the Romanian Wilderness
Places available
  • 19 september 2019 tot 28 september 2019

Duration: 10 days
Number of participants: Minimum 8 - Maximum 12
Prerequisites: no previous knowledge or skills needed.
Level of fitness: this is a physically demanding experience. We will be covering many miles each day, most of them off trail: physical fitness is a must.
Catering: fully catered, including non-alcoholic drinks.
Accommodation: cabins or camping (own tent / tarp)
Location: Bârgăului - NE Romania
€ 1150,= fully catered, camping
€ 1250,= fully catered, cabins
Included are transport to and from the nearest airport (Cluj Napoca) and all transport troughout the duration of the trip. This expedition will be fully catered.
Fees do not include personal items. Flight not include (Eindhoven - Cluj is about € 200,=).