Leather boots

This course will be given by Joe O'Leary from Wilderness Suvival Skills.
Course language is English.

If you have an interest in self sufficiency and crafts and the idea of hand crafting your own clothing and kit appeals, this three day workshop is for you!
These no nonsense, flat soled, sewn in tongue leather boots are made using a soft, flexible but tough grain on leather for the upper, a slightly thicker more durable leather for the stitched on mid-sole and a grippy rubber outsole.

This means that they’ll be lightweight, flexible, extremely packable (as spare footwear on camping trips) and quick drying whilst still being tough as .....well, old boots!
Having made them from scratch, means you’ll also be able to mend them and even make more when they (eventually) wear out!

You will be shown how to make up a ‘last’ (a three dimensional model of your foot) to accurately measure and cut out all the individual pieces for your boots. Leather working and sewing techniques will also be taught, useful skills which can be applied to other future projects.
The design and sizing will be based on a typical minimalistic, flat soled ‘foot shaped’ shoe allowing more toe movement for grip along with a minimal sole to ‘read’ the woodland floor whilst quietly walking through the forest.

We’ll be following a standard, tried and tested pattern but this will allow some space for originality. Different coloured leather, mixing and matching colours, lacing loops instead of brass eyelets, canvas cuffs stitched to leather uppers – the finished footwear will truly be unique to you.

EXTRA info

Duration: Friday 10:00 am - Sunday ± 16:00 pm), arrival on Thursday evening is possible.
Group size: min 6 - max 10
Prerequisites: no previous knowledge or skills needed.
Catering: this course is self catering, EXTRA provides coffee, tea and cookies.
Included: all needed materials and coffee / tea.
Not included: your meals, cooking utensils and accommodation.


€ 295,= (tax included)


€ 95,=


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Aanbod samenvatting

  • how to make up a 'last'
  • accurate measurement
  • cutting leather
  • leather working & sewing techniques
  • design, sizing and patterning
  • rubber sole