Buckskin / Leer looien

- Deze cursus wordt gegeven door Dr. Theresa Kamper. Zij is een van de weinige professionele, traditionele leerlooiers in Europa. Cursus taal is Engels -

Before the advent of modern tanning agents, humans were turning raw skin into usable leather products using very basic techniques and materials.
Learn to produce incredibly soft, strong and durable leather from raw animal skin using one of human kind’s earliest tanning technologies! Utilizing materials readily available in the surrounding environment we will walk through the steps of this transformation. Come learn the progression of this process from raw skin to beautiful, usable, finished leather! 

Over 3 full days this course will focus on tanning deer skins with a variety of fat tanning which uses brains* as the dressing agent.
Whilst not for the squeamish the end product is worth the work! The class will cover removing the meat and fat (de-fleshing), removing the outer grain layer (de-graining), applying the tanning agents (dressing), softening and smoking the skins. 

In addition to enthusiastic instruction I provide comfortable, easy to use tools and detailed handouts covering the tanning process, as well as ethnographic anecdotes and a list of helpful literature for those who wish to further their own knowledge of tanning!
So, please join me for a course sure to contain plenty of memorable moments, lots of practical information and, provided that you put in the work **, one that will see you heading home with a beautiful, unique and usable piece of traditionally tanned leather!

* A brain substitute will be available for those who truly prefer not to use brain tissue.

** Please be aware that a reasonable amount of fitness is required for this course. I will provide instruction on good technique and timing with the skins, but you will need to be able to be on your feet and active for 6 to 8 hours per day.

If you join both tanning courses ('fur on tanning' and 'buckskin tanning') back to back you will recieve a discount of 10% on the total costs for both courses. Provided that both will take place depending on registrations.

(De fotogallery is het mooist op een groot scherm te bekijken)


  • buckskin looien / looien met vet
  • alle stappen van een rauwe huid t/m het super zachte eindproduct, inclusief roken
  • looien met hersenen en andere vetten
  • inzicht in het looiprocess
  • uitleg over materialen, geschiedenis en meer


Buckskin met Dr. Theresa Kamper
Last places
  • 8 november 2019 tot 10 november 2019

Duur: Lang Weekend (vrijdag 10:00u - zondag ± 17:00u)
Aantal deelnemers: Minimaal 6 - Maximaal 8
Voorkennis: niet nodig
Eten: deze cursus is zelfverzorgend, EXTRA zorgt voor voor koffie, thee en koekjes.
Locatie: Witharen (bij Ommen)
Overnachting: buiten in eigen tent of op eigen gelegenheid in een B&B.
€ 365,= (incl. BTW) voor het looien van 1 hele huid in je eentje
€ 265,= p.p. als je een huid met iemand wilt delen
Inclusief alle materialen, koffie / thee en overnachting in eigen tent.
Exclusief eten en kookgerei.